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How To Organize Your Closet Like The Ladies of “Home Edit”

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Closets can be a messy thing to deal with. It’s hard to keep your life organized, let alone your closet, especially if it’s something that you can just close the door on and forget about. When you think about the pros of having an organized and aesthetically pleasing closet, the actual process seems less like a chore and more like a project.

One of the main challenges before actually organizing is decluttering, which can be an absolute pain. Getting rid of old clothes, shoes, and accessories can be tough because these items might be tied to memories. Of course, you don’t want to get rid of sentimental items, but you certainly want to be able to differentiate between those items and the ones that are outdated. Once you’re able to accomplish that, then organizing your closet like the ladies of “Home Edit” will be a no-brainer.

Update Your Wardrobe

An important step in making your closet feel like a “Home Edit” project is to have clothes that are in trend and have an updated style. If you’re shopping online, then new styles are always found in the new arrivals section so you’ll always know that you’re shopping what is in style. Shopping online can seem risky, but if you’re shopping with a company that offers free shipping and free returns then you significantly reduce the risk of purchasing bad items.

New arrivals are also almost always going to be a good purchase. If you’re in a financial pinch and need to cut some costs, then consider shopping the clearance sections. Shopping clearance does mean that the styles will be less new and updated, but if it’s on the market then it’s more in style than the old clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn in years. When shopping online, you may have to spend a certain amount to get free shipping, but when you shop for clearance items you get more for your money as well as getting the free shipping. Be mindful that clearance may or may not be final sale, so there is a little more risk with purchasing items that aren’t new arrivals.

Women’s tunics, whether they’re short-sleeve or long-sleeve, make an excellent and versatile option for your closet basics, especially heading into the winter months. Women’s tunic tops pair well with most types of jewelry, layer perfectly underneath a sweater, and come in a multitude of styles that can make looking professional easy and affordable. Layer your tunic underneath jackets and caftans, buy different size tunics for varied styles, and maybe even purchase a tunic sweater. Pair your tunic with leggings and a pair of flats for a timeless and comfortable look.

Once you’ve got a closet filled with items you know you’re going to love and wear all the time, the rest of the organization process will come so easy to you. Whether your clothing purchases are new arrivals, clearance, or final sale, just make sure that you get that free shipping and maybe even a gift card while you’re at it. Future you will be grateful for a little shopping trip.

Separate by Color

This is the part that makes everything worth it. Separating your clothing by color according to the rainbow scale not only looks incredible, but it’s also highly functional. Organizing your tunic tops, leggings, caftans, and other clothing items in color order helps with pairing the different items together for an outfit. It reminds you of what your options are as well as how to pair them together for the perfect professional look.

Separate by Category

This is critical to further help you stay on top of all your closet’s contents. Having your tops separated into one section and your jackets in another helps to categorize your outfits and will make your closet so much more functional. Now you’ll be able to pick out an outfit in no time at all, making your morning routine even more efficient. Don’t forget to keep each section organized in color order as well for aesthetic purposes.

Rotate by the Season

Having only one season at a time to look at is so helpful. When picking out a breezy summer outfit, you don’t want to be sifting through heavy sweaters. Keep only the clothing appropriate for the current season out in your closet and put the other seasons away in labeled bins. This is especially helpful for people with small closet space. When you’re changing out your closet for the next season, make sure that you’re also actively getting rid of items that you know you won’t wear anymore so that you’re always staying up to date on the latest trends and reducing the amount of clutter. After all, that is the ultimate goal here.

Contain Stray Items

This is an important part of managing clutter. Stray items like jewelry or sentimental belongings can be small and hard to keep up with. An easy way to contain these smaller items and keep them organized is to put them in containers. If you’re someone who needs to see exactly what they have in order to remember what they have it, clear containers are the way to go. If you prefer categorized labels and a more finished look of opaque baskets and fabric bins, just make sure that you get the best of both worlds by finding ones that have attachments to include printed labels.

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