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Software Tools to Grow Your Supplement Business

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Dietary supplements are incredibly popular in the United States, making them an attractive prospect for many entrepreneurs. With 77% of Americans reporting supplement use of some kind, it isn’t hard to see why so many companies choose to manufacture them. Supplements come in a wide variety of forms including capsules, tablets, soft gels, liquids, gummies, powders, and more, and they can be used for anything from meeting basic nutrition needs to enhancing fitness routines.

If you’ve already launched your own supplement business, there’s no doubt you’ve overcome plenty of challenges. In addition to the normal obstacles involved with starting any business, you’ve managed to adhere to FDA guidelines through either your own manufacturing process or a third party. You can’t let all your hard work go to waste by falling into obscurity in a saturated market. Here are just a few software tools you can use to not only maintain your business but grow to the next level.

Superior Supplement Manufacturing

Unless you want the responsibility of researching, formulating, and mixing all of your products to FDA standards, you’ll need to work with a manufacturing company. While you’re making that jump, you might as well choose a manufacturer who excels in product development of all kinds and can offer you design services as well. This is where Superior Supplement MFG comes in.

Superior Supplement Manufacturing specializes in a variety of supplement categories including, sports nutrition, CBD, weight loss supplements, vitamins, cardiovascular health, children’s health, and more. No matter your unique needs or customer expectations, Superior Supplement Manufacturing can make the products you need in the forms you need and also provide options for flavors. They can even help you manufacture organic, gluten-free, and Kosher products.

They can also help you with packaging and design. As a manufacturer of private label products, Superior Supplement Manufacturing will ship your products to your packaging specifications. Major delivery forms include bottles, stick packs, sachets, folding cartons, and more. They can even help you with label design to ensure you’re reaching your target audience as effectively as possible. If you’re trying to find a reliable vendor to manufacture your nutritional supplements, make sure you go with someone who can meet all of your needs.

CRM Software

Naturally, your existing customers are your most important resource, and offering them the best customer service possible helps you retain them and may even inspire them to tell others about your company. A great way to ensure excellent customer experience is by using an omnichannel contact center.

Customers have come to expect convenience, and they may already be frustrated when reaching out to your call center if they don’t encounter customer service agents who are meeting all their customer needs. Intelligent IVR and smart routing helps cut down on that frustration by quickly routing calls to the best agent. With an omnichannel contact center solution, customers can reach you through digital channels in addition to phone calls. These may include text, live chat, SMS, or the use of a mobile app. With an omnichannel approach, customers can even seamlessly switch between preferred communication channels while keeping contact with the same agent, ensuring a convenient and personalized customer journey.

Agent productivity is also improved thanks to a unified agent desktop that makes it easy to track conversations across all channels and retrieve relevant customer information. Offering a productive and seamless experience like this boosts customer satisfaction and inspires customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

A strong online presence is necessary for any business to succeed today, and maintaining a social media campaign is a crucial part of the puzzle. Making dozens of posts across all platforms each day is a demanding task, especially if you don’t yet have a dedicated team for this sort of work.

Fortunately, Later is a free platform that makes it easy to plan weeks of social media posts in advance. Even better, its analytics software uses new technology to let you know which of your posts are driving the most traffic and what your best times to post are, so you can plan future posts based on this information and consistently improve your marketing.

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