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What’s the Difference Between Faux Mink and Mink Lashes

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If you love false eyelashes and want the most natural look possible, mink lashes are a great option. Made from real mink hair, they are light, soft, fluffy and ultimately appear more natural as a result. But what do you do if you love this style of false eyelashes, want the most natural look possible, and live a vegan lifestyle? Fortunately, there are cruelty-free options that have the luxurious feel of mink hair without having to sacrifice any moral obligations. If you are interested in full, voluptuous lashes that don’t carry any guilt, then synthetic mink lashes are the way to go.

Why are false lashes made from mink, anyway?

Mink is the highest-selling fur worldwide due to its decadently soft texture, unique sheen, and long life. The allure of real mink lashes is their durability and long life, as well as their lightweight feel. Nothing seems to look more natural than lashes made from real mink hair because it is so close to the natural diameter of human hair. Oftentimes, mink eyelashes are made from fur obtained by brushing minks, so no animals are killed in the collection process. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re cruelty-free. These animals may suffer while living on fur farms and ultimately die for their fur due to cruel treatment and poor living conditions, even if they weren’t killed for this specific pair of mink lashes.

Are faux mink lashes as good as real mink lashes?

Yes, they are! And they’re just as beautiful as the regular kind. You would never know that faux mink eyelashes aren’t made from real mink fur (or real human hair strands, for that matter). You do not have to sacrifice quality, durability, or the look and feel of mink by choosing faux mink. Faux mink lashes can be 100% vegan but have the same dimensionality and curl as mink, and with proper care you can easily reuse a pair multiple times; way more than if you were to use a regular strip lash. Just make sure that you do your research to ensure that the lashes you’re purchasing follow the guidelines of vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics.

Can they be applied without glue?

If you’re new to magnetic lashes, have no fear. It’s simple and easy to apply magnetic lashes, especially for beginners. Precut at 2.9 cm, they come with 6 magnets to ensure a super-strong hold. They look the same and last as long as real mink lashes, and even have that comfortable wear. Just like regular false lashes, you start by cutting the magnetic lash down to fit your eye’s width if needed. Make sure you hold the lash up to your eye to double check that they are cut to the exact length. Then you’ll apply magnetic eyeliner on your upper lash line, on top of your completed eye look. Pro tip: apply a gel or liquid liner first, before applying the magnetic liner. Only apply the magnetic liner to your natural lash line, because that is where your lash band will sit. Wait for it to dry about 80%, then gently press the lashes to the magnetic liner to ensure the magnets make a strong connection. If you are looking for extra hold, use lash anchors on the inner and outer corners of the lash band. Just hold an anchor under your natural lashes near a lash magnet. It will snap into place, sandwiching your natural lashes and guaranteeing a long-lasting look.

Are faux mink lashes safe to use?

Faux mink lashes are absolutely safe to use. According to the Food and Drug Administration, cosmetics are highly regulated and cannot contain any harmful ingredients. Make sure that the products you are purchasing are properly labeled and follow the necessary safety guidelines. Also, be aware that, regardless of safety regulations, the eye area is sensitive and might get irritated. Whether you’re using glue or magnetic liner, it’s important to do a swatch test on the back of your hand first to check for any possible skin irritation.

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