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Where to Turn When You’ve Been Hit by a Truck

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Trucking is an essential cog in the wheel of American manufacturing. It serves as the preferred method of transportation for about 70% of our goods, far outpacing rail and air transport. But trucks also account for an incredible injury and death toll on our interstate roadways. These massive vehicles are safe members of the roadways during much of their time in motion, but drivers have been known to push themselves to move cargo further and faster. This equates to immediate danger for those in puny cars that share the highway.

Truck drivers must adhere to strict regulations concerning rest periods, eating, and sleeping. But these may vary significantly across state lines. For example, in California new legislation would extend the time drivers are permitted on the road continuously without break from five hours to eight. While this may not seem significant, it can lead to dire consequences – more time allowed on the road will result in more time that companies demand their drivers stay on the gas pedal. While delivery time and cost surely will be cut down in this way, it will also raise the weariness of an already demanding workday that requires uninterrupted and intense concentration to avoid catastrophe.

California today scrapes the barrel of state friendliness to the trucking industry. Gas prices are high, pay rates are similar, and regulations and court rulings are transforming the contractual obligations of an industry that employs nearly one million workers in the state alone. All these factors add up to a climate that incentivizes drivers to speed through the Golden State as quickly as possible, to the detriment of their roadway companions.



Vehicular accidents involving a truck are often the most dangerous. The discrepancy of weights between your sedan or SUV and the tens of thousands of pounds commanded by a semi do not often fall in your favor. The first thing you must do in the event of an accident is get to a hospital. Your health is without a doubt the most important thing to consider in any type of accident. After this, you will need specialized help. Call a locally based truck accident lawyer in California. Insurance companies can be the bane of your existence in the most minor collisions; don’t even think about handling a trucking accident on your own.

Professional assistance is critical to receiving the care and coverage that you deserve – and need – after an accident. This is especially applicable after meeting the bumper of a truck or trailer. In all likelihood, you will have to deal with a totaled car and possibly extended hospital bills. But not all legal teams are created equal. It is essential to seek out an attorney who will fit within your schedule and work around your needs. If you are confined to a hospital bed, you need a lawyer who will come see you. Likewise, it is important to enlist help that will take calls on your schedule, as you are their client, after all.

Furthermore, you should seek out legal help that offers no risk consultation. This means that you won’t have to pay a law firm if you meet with their lawyers to discuss your case and end up parting ways after the initial meeting. You have enough on your plate after an accident without having to deal with payments to law firms that ultimately will not represent your interests to your satisfaction.

Accidents on the road are a complete pain to deal with. If your troubles are magnified by a collision with a freight vehicle, don’t try to work through it yourself. Get professional help to guide you and deal with the trouble on your behalf.

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