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Repair or Repurpose? How to Turn Your Old Appliances Into Art

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Household appliances—like a washer, dryer, stove, or oven—aren’t built to last. So what do you do if your refrigerator or another appliance breaks down? Start by contacting a repair team by doing a quick online search of contractors in your area, such as “appliance repair in Bend, Oregon.” Home technicians can fix your broken appliances and get them working again. Trying to do an electrical repair yourself is dangerous so leave it to the professionals to get your washer working again. If your home appliance is broken beyond repair, consider up cycling as a creative, environmentally-friendly solution. Instead of disposing of your used appliances, you can turn them into functional pieces of art.

Turn your blender into a lamp.


Don’t toss out that broken blender! Instead, turn it into a lighting fixture. You can do this by using a lamp kit. Turn the blender upside down and take out the screw cap before adding in your lightbulb. This innovative solution will make your room brighter without causing any unnecessary waste.

Have your old refrigerator become your new seat or pantry.


There are plenty of repurposing ideas for a broken refrigerator. One good idea is to turn it into a retro couch or chair. You’ll have a work of art and a place to sit. Fridge couches have actually become enough of a trend so much so that there’s now a business behind selling them!

If you’re not looking for another chair, then perhaps you might need more storage space? Consider keeping that old refrigerator in the kitchen and turning it into a pantry for spices, herbs, canned goods, and other items.

Have your washer become your fire pit


Your broken washer drum doesn’t need to be thrown in the dumpster. Instead, remove it from the washing machine and turn it into a fire pit for barbecues, parties, and other outdoor entertainment. The fire pit-washer drum combo will add a cozy ambiance to your backyard while also working as a great conversation piece.

Turn your fridge into a funky ice chest.


That old refrigerator can still keep things cool. You will need to remove all of the parts that make the refrigerator run in order to turn it into a functional ice chest. Decorate or paint the fridge’s exterior and you’ve got yourself a large outdoor cooler with artistic charm.

Have a unique aquarium.


Have fish? Why use a boring fishbowl when you can use your defunct microwave or broken blender instead? Add some pebbles and water to your blender and you’ll get an unusual aquarium for your fish. Or place a cube-shaped fishbowl into the microwave oven cavity for a futuristic style.

From washer drum to a lamp, and more!


An old washing machine drum can be repurposed in multiple, creative ways. Use it as an outdoor planter for large trees and flowers. Convert it into a nightstand or ceiling light. Need another seat? A broken drum can become a storage stool with some upholstery and fabric. Or add a plate of glass or wood on top of the washing machine drum to turn it into an artsy coffee table. You can even upcycle a broken drum into a stylish washing basin.

After repurposing your broken appliances, take a picture of the cool, new artwork you produced and share the photos with a family member or friend. The best way to share and save your digital images is through photo backup devices like Ibi. Ibi backs up your media from most mobile devices, your social platforms, and iCloud accounts. Unlike Flickr and Google drive, this storage device provides plenty of storage space for your photos and videos. You can easily store photos and privately share them with the people closest to you.

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