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2019 Home Design Trends to Try This Season

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As the new year quickly approaches, you might be ready to refresh your home’s style. But before you write your decor resolutions, you might want to research some of the up and coming home design trends. Next year will be full of bold patterns, multi-functional pieces, and timeless metals, all of which can be curated to your personal taste.

Looking at modern design companies like Karin Ross Designs can help you transform your home. To help you decide which trends will work for you, consider this a forecast of next year’s interior styles. No matter the size of your space, you are sure to find a trend that works for your home.


Patterned backsplashes

The past several years were all about neutral colors, simple designs, and crisp lines. Next year, kitchen remodeling trends will feature bold colors and patterns, making the kitchen the center of your home’s personality. Work with a designer to find patterned tiles that capture your personal style. If you are still gravitating toward neutrals, try a black and white design. For a little more zest, play around with colors or even a mosaic backsplash design. If you’re inspired by this trend, it can also carry over into the bathroom or shower tiles.


Layered fabrics

While boho style disappeared for about a decade, it’s back with a more sophisticated twist. Rather than taking over a whole room, the latest styles feature elegant vintage design mixed with bold patterned textiles. A rustic farmhouse table with a patterned table runner and upholstered chairs can create a layered look while retaining a cohesive style. A boldly colored couch with contrasting throw pillows can pair well with a simple white rug to create balance. By experimenting with colors and pairing styles, you can create multiple dimensions to a room.


Metal accents

Metallic features have always been popular in some capacity, but they are getting more prominent than ever. Copper plumbing fixtures can become the center of your bathroom, and your living room furniture can feature subtle metal details. You might even want to go with a brass end table or metal frames. Just be sure to use metal sparingly to avoid overpowering a room.


Natural elements

As homeowners opt for eco-friendly appliances, homes are going green in other ways too. Apartments and houses will feature natural elements like unfinished wood, stone feature walls, exposed brick, and plenty of plants. This mirrors home design’s move from industrial to comfortable. To achieve this look, add natural wood flooring, a stone backsplash, and hanging plants. For a more trendy look, incorporate faux animal skins and furs into your design. These pieces create a rustic and classic charm.


Functional furniture

Mid-century furniture is on the way out, and homeowners are choosing more functional and comfortable pieces. In 2019, designers will recommend multi-purpose furniture to their clients. You might choose ottomans that double as storage and stylish built-in shelving. Features like these will elevate your home’s look while also keeping it organized. In terms of seating, couches and chairs will be both stylish and comfortable, so choose pieces that guests will want to sink into.

Next year’s design trends are all about finding your decor personality and having fun with the pieces. Don’t be afraid to experiment and even mix styles in some rooms. If you’re looking for some home remodeling or decorating guidance, consider hiring a professional designer. They can get to know your taste and create a space that you are proud to show off.

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