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Repair, Replace, or Throw It Out?

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It’s never too early to start spring cleaning. If you’re the need to reduce some clutter in your house, then why wait until March to start? All the stuff in your house probably isn’t going to become essential once the season changes from winter to spring. There are a few ways to go about cleaning and decluttering. One of the easiest is to just throw out everything that you aren’t using, whether it’s old appliances, clothes, books, or something else. That isn’t the most efficient way, though.


Double check things

If you know that old washing machine you’ve been keeping in the garage is dead once and for all, then feel free to haul it away to the junkyard. But if you aren’t absolutely sure, then it can’t hurt to get an outside expert to take a look at things. If you’re way of the big box appliance stores, contact a family-owned appliance repair service like Astre Appliance Services of Fairfield, NJ. While you’ve moved on and bought a new washer or a new stovetop, there’s a chance your old item could be refurbished and made useful once more. You won’t be using it, but someone else might be able to squeeze a little more life out of it. It’s both cheaper and more environmentally friendly to refurbish an old appliance than it is to buy a new one. As a bonus, if the appliance repair people say the item is truly useless, then they might know a better place to haul it away than your local dump.


Hire a service

People tend to approach the decluttering process one of two ways: with overwhelming and perhaps unearned confidence, or with dread that this is entirely too much for one person to handle and they don’t know why they’re even bothering. People in the first category often find themselves desperately in need of a few extra sets of hands when they become exhausted halfway through the process. People in the latter category may put off and delay indefinitely out of fear that it can’t be done. In either case, you should feel more than fine about calling in some help. Sometimes you can bribe your friends to help you sort through all the crap you’ve accumulated. Other times you may want to hire professionals, especially if that will make the difference between it getting done or not.

Then there are the issues that crop up after almost everything has been hauled away or donated. Maybe you’ve cleaned out your attic only to discover that there’s way too much rat feces up there (not that there’s ever really an acceptable amount of rat feces, but some amounts are more horrifying than others). You don’t get paid enough to deal with rodent droppings. In fact, you don’t get paid at all, so that means it’s time to look for an attic cleaning service. A company like Atticare of New Jersey is more than equipped to go up there and clean things up, then take measures to ensure rodents can’t get in again. After everything is done, you should have an attic that’s both free of clutter and free of rodents. The next step is making sure it doesn’t fill up with useless items again, and that part is on you.


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